Captivating reflections of you and the animals who make your life whole

Canine and Equine Photographer serving Southeastern Michigan and beyond

“I always knew I had an amazing connection with my horse. But to actually see our bond captured so beautifully in your photographs, just blew me away.” -Cory M.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul…

…but the ears tell the real story.

Upright and attentive, at the sound of a leash lifted from its hook.   

Pinned back in the mare glare, if you fail to fill your pocket with carrots before heading to the barn.

Your pets are your intimate companions—your family. You know their every mood, just as they know yours. 

But it’s hard to capture their depths in a snapshot.  

Those kind, curious, equine eyes—they feel flat in your pictures. Your wiggly, fat-bellied pup—a photographic blur of fur and flesh. 


Time goes by quickly, and these are memories you’ll want to savor. Not to worry. 

At Kate Westfall Photography, you’ll get portraits that capture your pet’s true personality, and celebrate your unparalleled bond.   

Hi, I'm Kate!

I started my career in the Air Force, but now I’m the founding member—the only member??—of the Ear Force. 

My mission: To provide my clients with a chance to relax, enjoy and capture the fleeting beauty of the present with their four-legged best friend while creating incredible photographic art. When their ears are soft and relaxed, when the two (or three, or four…) of you are having as much fun during the session as I am, when I nail the shot that leaves you at a loss for words…I’ve done my job